Bengal Bay
Indian Tonic Water


₹ 2,000

A blend of organic Quinine, sand-filtered water, organic Cane Sugar, Cardamom, and Orange, Bengal Bay Indian tonic water presents a well-balanced flavour profile with delicate herbal notes, natural sweetness and light bitterness. Packed with a refreshing aftertaste and just the right amount of carbonation, India’s first organic tonic promises you a taste that is clean, crisp, and delicious.

Nutritionals per 100ml - Energy Kcal: 28, Fat (g): 0,

Carbohydrates (g) 6, of which sugars (g): 5, Protein: 0

Pack of 24

Bar and Beverage Expert, Former Brand Ambassador Monkey47, Bombay Sapphire, and Bacardi – Arijit Bose

“Bengal Bay is a refreshing and crisp tonic with a snappy herbal aftertaste, which I can attribute to the use of cardamom in the mix. It does not overpower and rather allows the quality of the spirit to shine through. It is a great mixer not only for traditional high juniper gins and new wave offerings like Monkey 47 or Caorunn, but also for fine agave spirits like tequila or mezcal.”



a.k.a Cinchona Pubescens

Location: Peru, 9.1900° S, 75.0152° W

Natural bitters from Peruvian terrain



a.k.a Elettaria Cardamomum

Location: Kerala, 10.8505° N, 76.2711° E

A pinch of spice from God’s Own Country


Sugar Cane

a.k.a Saccharum Officinarum

Location: Uttar Pradesh, 26.8467° N, 80.9462° E

Just the right amount of sweetness

from India’s heartland


a.k.a Citrus Sinensis

Location: Maharashtra, 19.7515° N, 75.7139° E

Citrus freshness from the Western

Peninsular region

Behind every great tonic, is a mix of nature’s finest ingredients!